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Tips for birdwatching:

  • Pick a good natural spot with trees and or bird feeders.
  • Wait patiently. When you stay still, you can see more birds.
  • Listen quietly for bird calls. Close your eyes and notice sounds around you.
    • Can you hear the song of a songbird?
    • Can you hear the drumming of a woodpecker?
    • Can you hear the honking of a goose?
  • Notice the behaviour of birds.
    • Is the bird singing?
    • Is the bird flying?
    • Is the bird perching?
    • Is the bird walking?
    • Is the bird wading?
    • Is the bird nesting?
    • Is the bird feeding?
  • Notice the characteristics of birds.
    • What colour is the bird?
    • What shape is the birds body?
    • What shape is the birds beak?
  • Follow flying birds with your eyes.
  • Can you find clues or signs of a bird?
    • Can you spot a feather?
    • Can you spot a bird footprint?
    • Can you spot a nest?
    • Can you spot bird poop? or even owl pellets?
  • Keep track of the type of birds you see. Journal, label, draw about birds you see.
  • Use bird guides to help you search types of birds.
  • Use binoculars to help you see birds better.



Ideas for activities:

(1) Bird Scavenger Hunt: Check off which types of bird(s) you saw.


(2) Journaling: Draw, label and jot details about birds you saw.


(3) Bird Sound Map: Using your sense of hearing only, map out where you can hear birds (North, South, East, West).




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