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Earth Day


Discussion ideas on litter:

  • Watch and discuss a video below (or of your choice).
  • How can litter affect the environment? Our waterways? Our animals?
  • Where is all the litter found outside coming from? People? Animals? Wind?
  • How can we collectively reduce litter? At home? At school? In our community?
  • Should we be wearing gloves to collect litter? How can we safely collect litter but also limit our plastic glove use?


Activity Ideas/Extensions:

Before collecting litter.

  • Predict what kind of little you might find outside on the playground? Why do you think that?
  • Which areas around the school do you think we will find the most litter? Why do you think that is?
  • Watch a video below (or of your choice).
  • Read aloud.

After collecting litter.

  • Were your initial predictions, correct? Why or why not?
  • Analyze and sort the litter together (whole-group/small-group). Are some of these things compostable? Recyclable? Terracycling? Garbage?
  • Weigh the waste collected (altogether or after sorting). Keep your data; pick up litter on another day and compare results. Was there more or less litter.
  • Graph your results by quantity, by weight, by groups, etc.
  • Set up goals and make a plan of action, “How can we improve litter at school?”
  • Create an art project (individual or collective) using the collected litter. (see picture below for ideas)





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