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Websites for French

#1 The French Calendar

Click here to practice saying today’s date.


#2 Letters of the alphabet

Click here to practice the letters of the alphabet.


#3 Try this one to find the beginning letter of words.

#4 Try “Où est la lettre?” to practice all the letters of the alphabet.

 #5 Play “Qu’est-ce qu’il y a dans leurs sac à dos?” to reinforce the vocabulary of class supplies in French.

#6 “Qu’est-ce qu’il y a dans ma classe?” is another activity for school supplies.

#7  “Le sac à do de Jenny” is yet another activity for school supplies! 🙂

#8 Play “Robito dans la salle de classe” to review how to describe “where” something is located.

#9  Practice the parts of the body with “Morpion“.


#10 Practice articles of clothing with “Jeu de mémoire“.

Jeu de memoire

 #11 Review the modes of transportation with “Morpion“. (Les moyens de transports)

 Moyen de transport


#12 Keep practicing the modes of transportation with “Tu y vas comment?”

Tu y vas comment


#13 Now practice the spelling of the different modes of transportation with “Les moyens de transports“.

Les moyens de transport


#14 Review prepositions with “Où est le hamster?” (Les prépositions)

Ou est le hamster


#15 Practice using your prepositions with “Robito dans la salle de classe“.
Robito dans la salle de classe

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