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Here’s a page dedicated to troubleshooting videos that will be created as we move forward to help support as things occur. Whether that is having trouble accessing a website. a resource, office, etc. or tips and trick when it comes to technology, I’ll post these here. Hopefully these will be useful and helpful! 🙂


#1 – Accessing SORA

  • log in issues



#2 – New InPrivate or Incognito Window

  • you cannot sign in to accounts (username and password are correct)



#3 – Cannot see teacher’s “shared screen” on TEAMS / Cannot view videos on blog

  • when clicking on a video, you get the following messages: “Oops – view on You tube Video” or “A error occurred – play back…”




#4 – Cannot use “Chat” options on TEAMS

  • the “chat” option is greyed out and I cannot type in responses



#5 – What is the best way for my child to access their TEAMS meetings?



#6 – How do I log in to Je Lis, Je Lis?…….My child forgot his/her username/password, what is it?



#7 – How to record a reading on Je Lis, Je Lis?




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